Session Dates

2017 Payment Schedule

Reminder: All payments are due on Week 7 of the current session for the next session. All payments made after the weeks listed below will be charged a $10.00 LATE FEE. If your payment is not received by the end of week 7, the spot your child is currently holding in their class is not secured and may be given to another child.

**Payment Weeks are highlighted in green****

Payment Week: Monday November 28th – Saturday December 3rd
Session 7: 2017 *Monday December 12th – Saturday February 4th*

Payment Week: Monday January 23rd – Saturday January 28th
Session 1: 2017 *Monday February 6th – Saturday April 1st*

 Payment Week: Monday March 20th – Saturday March 25th
Session 2: 2017 *Monday April 3rd – Saturday May 27th*

 Payment Week: Monday May 15th – Saturday May 20th
Session 3: 2017 *Monday May 29th – Saturday July 22nd*

 Payment Week: Monday July 10th – Saturday July 15th
Session 4: 2017 *Monday July 24th – Saturday September 16th*

 Payment Week: Monday September 4th – Saturday September 9th
Session 5: 2017 *Monday September 18th – Saturday November 11th*

Payment Week: Monday October 30th – Saturday November 4th
Session 6: 2017 *Monday November 13th – Saturday January 6th 2018*